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Очень вольный перевод статьи Designing to Succeed

Не так давно некий Tony Downey, геймдизайнер, опубликовал внушительную статью о разработке и игровом дизайне инди-игр. В ней он рассмотр...

вторник, 12 апреля 2011 г.

Best puzzle games and long tails

Here some more ideas about SEO... Most users aren't familiar with search engines and sometimes tries strange phrases like "I want to play puzzles". Some users prefer less common search phrases like "best puzzle games" or "free puzzle games". All these phrases are "long tail keywords" - very interesting thing. Battle for this keywords is less competitive so you have more chances to earn some search traffic. But it's very hard to find best keyword - popular enough to bring traffic but not very competitive.

Other interesting thing is about articles. Google indexes Internet incredibly fast - so now you already can find my last post using Google. Today I've tried to think again about all that stuff and cried "Eurika!" Why not write some articles for portal itself? Kind of game review for example. This will be unique content, there will be many cool keywords and people will find my portal searching some specific games.

So now you can find my very simple review of Snail Bob on my portal. 

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